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February 15th -- Vox Fortura

February 17th -- Home Health Club EXPO

February 17th -- Backyard BBQ

February 18th -- Sunday Movie -- Hello My Name is Doris

February 24th -- Hazardous Waste Special Collection 

March 1st -- Suzanne Teng & Gilbert Levy Concert

March 3rd & 4th -- "Don't Touch That Dial!" - Radio Show

March 14th -- The Garth Guy

March 25th & 26th -- One of These Nights - Eagles Tribute




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Citizens On Patrol  Contact Doug Smith, or Don McWilliams , Buckeye Police Dept for additional information.

Neighborhood Watch LogoJoin the Neighborhood Block Watch Program.  Visit our web page for more information.

Ideas on TapSocial Committee - Volunteer with community events, contact Janet Turner at the Sage Recreation Center at 928-252-2104.

Caring NeighborsCaring Neighbors  Volunteer to help others within the community.